​                  Selecting a Guide: Lake Erie Smallmouth and Walleye Charters 

Lake Erie Fishing Charters and Guides:


Fishing guides come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, personalities, skill and dedication levels.  They need to simply have the ability to locate and instruct their clients how to catch fish.  Selecting a guide and charter does not have to be a difficult endeavor.  Doing a little research can pay big dividends.

Not all Lake Erie charters are the same.  It is important for you to identify what you want your day to be like and discuss this with the captain beforehand.  Remember, this is your trip.

Tips for selecting your next guide/charter:

The captain/guide should be licensed.  Ask for references.

You set the time to leave the dock.  Remember, the earlier you get out, the more opportunity to have a successful day…

The cost should include an itemization of what is included in the charter (time dock to dock, bait, ice, rods/reels, fish cleaning, lunches/drinks).

An Executive Charter usually includes lunch/drinks, fish cleaning, rods/reels/, lures, and bait.

Boat – What is the size?  (There is a big difference between a 27 foot and 30 foot boat).  Is there a onboard toilet (Head)?  Is there a place to get out of the weather?  Is it in good condition?  Does it have the latest electronics?

What fishing licenses are required?  Canadian, Ohio, or both?

What type of fishing?  Trolling, drifting, or anchored over structure?

          Selecting the right guide and boat makes for an enjoyable trip