What To Bring:

-      Sandwiches, snacks and beverages

-      Suitable clothing for season and rain gear

-      Soft-soled shoes only (for your safety and protection of boat finish)

-      Camera, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen

-      Seasick medication, if needed

-      One cooler per party for transport of fish to cleaning location and/or home - (Boat has two large coolers, one for food and the other for fish)

-      Ohio fishing license (required) – Canadian fishing license (needed if trip is scheduled for Canadian waters)

-      Notes:  Extra fishing line is available on the boat/No glass bottles allowed on boat/No hard liquor


Q  May I bring children on a charter?

A  Yes, usually children around 8 years of age or older can handle this type of fishing adventure.

Q  Will we fish if the weather is cold, rainy, or choppy?

A  Yes, provided it is safe (captain’s decision).  Some of the best catches come in inclement weather.

Q  Do you troll?

A   Not normally.  Generally, most clients do not like this method of fishing.

Q  What is the start time for charters?

A   The trip usually starts a little after daybreak, depending on the time of year.

Q  What is the best rod, reel and line size? Captain provides Rod, Reel and Lures for customers.

A  A 5 ½ to 6 foot medium action IM6 or & graphite rod with a quality spinning reel spooled with a quality 8-10 pound test is best.  Captain Bob uses Trilene Vanish or FineLine.

Q  How do we get our fish cleaned?

A  There are several fish cleaning services in the area,  The closest  is about a mile from the dock.  Also, you can clean them yourself using the fish cleaning area at the marina.  Executive charters include fish cleaning.

Q  Do you practice “Catch and Release” for Smallmouth Bass?

A  Yes, we support the concept of  “Catch and Release”, however, we also understand that some clients enjoy eating Smallmouth Bass.

Q  How much equipment do I need to bring?

A  A rod and reel and a handful of lures and terminal tackle in a small plastic tackle box is about all you need.  Captain Bob has extra rods and lures, if needed.

Q  How long is the boat ride?

A  Once we leave the harbor, it usually takes about 30-45 minutes to arrive at the fishing area.

Q  How do I acquire Ohio and/or Canadian Fishing Licenses?

A  Go to the Licenses Tab for more information.

Q  What about crossing the US/Canadian border?

A  If we do not touch land, and you have a Canadian fishing license, you do not have to have a passport.  If we are only fishing Canadian waters, an Ohio license is not needed.    All individuals entering Canada must be in good standing with law enforcement (no outstanding warrants/not on parole/probation/no pending or uncleared DUIs).  If you have any questions about Canadian entry, you should contact Canadian customs 800-715-2075